Distinguish mixed descendants

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Distinguish mixed descendants

Postby albash24 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 3:47 pm

I still not really the terminology of miscling, tibee. What are they? Would there be others?

How to distinguish difference between say michling and crs (also with others)? I have some crs that have slight similarities with mischling that been posted around except obviously different color and pattern.
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Re: Distinguish mixed descendants

Postby t3v0r0 » Tue Aug 05, 2014 5:29 pm

Hmmm rather difficult topic to explain.
But heres my attempt.... im by no means an expert, so anyone that has more information or think im wrong, please correct me!

So when people say F1/F2/F3 mischling, what they really mean is the number of generations from crossing a CRS/CBS with a TB.

Say you cross:
CRS/CBS +TB = F1 Mischling.
In theory, you will get 50% CRS, 50% TB genes. Most of these will look just like normal CRS/CBS.

You then dont want the F1 mixing with normal CRS as this will dilute the TB gene's and your result would most likely revert back to CRS.
Ideally, you want to cross the F1's back with TB's.

So F2 = F1 X TB
F3 = F2 x TB
F4 = F3 x TB etc

I do not know of a definitive way to identify the correct F numbers for sellers. I'm not sure how to identify the correct F numbers and I think if some dodgy sellers say their shrimps are F9 or something, theres no really definitive way to identify these. But I could be wrong, as I said, im no expert.
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