Do Pinto x TB throw out Mischlings?

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Do Pinto x TB throw out Mischlings?

Postby ShrimpNova » Thu Dec 17, 2015 7:48 pm

I would appreciate info on this as I cannot find much info online and no almost nothing of Pinto:

Recently bought 'purebred TB' from a seller that was berried. She said the female was in a Pure TB tank with Pintos ( she was busy packing up her tanks as she was moving). Offspring are growing and among the TB babies there are some really weird looking shrimp and some CRS and CBS. My question is ( since the seller is now not contactable, surprise...) is there a possibility that a Pinto male fertilised this female and now threw out some Mischlings as well, or have I been conned with a Mischling TB and paid purebreed price?

As soon as I can get pics of the little ones I will post them.
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