4 foot Komoda planted tank for sale

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4 foot Komoda planted tank for sale

Postby Shrimpmeister » Fri Dec 01, 2017 2:43 pm

Hi Guys

Sadly I have to part with the hobby and am looking to sell my entire setup as a complete working tank.
I am open to offers and would like to sell it as a complete setup.

This is the tank when it was first started, you can see the driftwood, rocks and their size in the 4 foot.

This is the tank about 2 months ago, since then the moss has doubled in size and there is more java fern.

The setup is 8 months old, all equipment was new when started.

4 foot Mr Aqua Komoda low iron glass tank
4 foot ADA style tank stand - 3cm thick solid wood side panels with internal frame finished in danish oil
2 x 4 foot Up-Aqua Pro Z led lights
3.5 foot 10mm Sump - very nice machine polished tank, could also be used as a display tank
Large Keg King compressed CO2 bottle and regulator + solenoid + timer
20L of seachem matrix
red devil return pump
2 x 200w heaters

5 x bags of eco complete black
10+kg of unzan rock
2 x medium driftwood with java fern attached.
1 x medium driftwood with 4 x mature anubias attached
3 x large SS mesh full of flame moss
50 x stems of Staurogyne repens
3 x large amazon Swords (1.5 feet tall)
2 x medium Crypts and 2 small.
lots of adult and juvenile java fern

2 x Siamese algae eaters
Variety of the following fish probably 15-20 fish in total. Just give away the fish and drop shrimp in!
Diamond tetra
Neon tetra
Lemon tetra

Looking for $800 for the lot, tank cost $700 on its own.

Happy to receive offers as I need it gone before I move!

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