Deal of the Day - Hydor Ario 2 Red. Today only $10.00

Deal of the Day - Hydor Ario 2 Red. Today only $10.00

Postby ageofaquariums » Tue Mar 11, 2014 8:29 am

Deal of the Day - Hydor ARIO 2 Colour Air Pump in Red. Today only $10.00 each. save $55.00

Link - Age of Aquariums - Hydor ARIO 2 Colour Air Pump * Red *

Specs -

The Hydor Ario Turbo Air Pump is a revolutionary new item from Hydor. The new Ario eliminates all the common problems associated with traditional air pumps. The Ario is virtually silent; all you hear are the bubbles! There are no diaphragms to break or wear out. There is no reduction in pressure due to clogged air stones. There is no need for check valves. The Ario is compact and easily blends into the aquarium decorations. The amount of air can be controlled by the air control valve. Additional features include low power consumption and maximum safety provided by thermal protection against overheating. All flow rates depend upon use and applications. Bubble size will vary with given aquarium water conditions. Trim the airline once placement is established to ensure maximum venturi effect. It is recommended that the Ario be gently cleaned on a regular basis to ensure proper operation. For freshwater or marine use. For indoor use only.

No noise: incredible absence of vibrations.
No vibration
Air Pump for fresh water & marine aquariums
Small: reduced size, fits anywhere.
Easy to hide: positioned under-gravel Ario virtually disappears.
Simple maintenance: easy to disassemble, clean and reassemble.
Reliable, long lasting: non perishable components (membranes), for fresh water and marine aquariums.
Air flow control: airflow is adjustable from outside the aquarium.


4 watts
upto 180lph
suggested depth 35cm
suitable for upto 200 litres
Red submersible light / Ario turbo air pump combo.

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